A Makeover For Your Roof

The changing weather, pollution and its consequences lead to a lot of problems in the roof that you have implanted in your house, including broken roof tiles, shifted roof tiles, cracked roof tiles, moss or lichen on the roof tiles, unsealed area on the roof, rust spots, water and overflow issues, broken and crumbled mortar and many more. These issues can be a big headache and are needed to be addressed quickly. Today, a variety of roof specialists are available in the market who are always ready for assistance.

Cleaning of roof tiles

Sometimes you may observe an ugly, moldy and streaky stain on you roofs that is caused by the presence of algae, lichens and moss. These bacteria will eventually destroy your roof tiles and therefore should be treated as soon as possible. There are various ways to clean your roof and you can select any one of them depending on your budget. Some of the techniques that are usually employed for roof cleaning are-

  • Eco-friendly, non-bleach and low pressure roof cleaning method.
  • Chlorine-bleach roof cleaning method.
  • High pressure power washing roof cleaning method.
  • Splash and Dash Roof Cleaning technique.

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Painting of roof tiles

Painting roof tiles is a great way to add value to your home. It makes your roof looks more beautiful and also protects it from corrugation and any harmful effect of weather. Before buying the paint for your roof tile, calculate its area and purchase enough quantity of paint so that you can easily apply two coats. Chose the color of paint wisely and according to your surroundings, the light color paints will reflect light and dark color paints will observe light. It is usually recommended that one should apply a thick coating of sealer before painting the roof tiles. Water based paint are the best for this purpose. There are three ways of roof tiles painting-

  • Airless spray gun.
  • Paint rollers.

Roof Repointing

With the passing time, the roof may become weak or gets tilted or bended, to overcome these problems, the roof repointing is done.  In this process a new layer of roof is installed on the roof bedding. These new roof tiles hold the roof together; protect it against dust and water and also impart strength to the roof. There are many roof tiles specialists who provide a very efficient service of roof repointing by Singh Roofing, contact them here.

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