Artistic aroma that an artist spreads

The concept of art is different for different persons. Art can simply defy a painting. It can also defy sculpture, monument, museum or any sort of creation that lasts a pleasant ease to the eyes of the viewers. Art is not only restricted to this, but it has many more branches.  The art galleries deal with the exhibitions of various arts. The beauty of the artistic creations by the artist is viewed in these art galleries. There are many art galleries in the world. Various art galleries deal with various arts. Some deals with paintings, some with sculptures and some with costume designs. Designing of anything too falls under this category. 2015-06-24 11-14-55

History that art galleries bring out

Every creator conveys a message through it’s his creation. Every painting and every artistic creation are created from some specific thought. This thought ultimately forces the creator to create his creation and thereby leaving a message in the end. Art galleries are of two types-


  • Private art galleries these galleries contain artistic creation that is private. This includes the artistic works are done in the palaces, church, forts, or in the bungalows. Though these are the private buildings where paintings and artistic creation were done for personal refreshments but later on these galleries were opened to the visitors for viewing the extraordinary arts and paintings that were inside these great monumental buildings.
  • Public art galleriesprivate art galleries that were nationalized for the public visit came to be known as the public art galleries. Paintings that revealed the social structure of the then society were placed under the indoors of the public art galleries. Painting of the commons was also shown in these galleries. Exhibitions took placed. People participated and excelled their artistic skills in their own way. 2015-06-24 11-16-43


Types of galleries that exists


  • Contemporary art galleries – these are the art galleries that are usually open to the general public without charge. These galleries sometimes choose to represent artists exclusively, giving them the opportunity to show regularly. Therefore, the visitors visited are more compared to other galleries. These galleries typically have a board of directors and a volunteer or paid support staff that looks after the galleries and its maintenances.
  • Vanity galleries – these are the galleries that take charge from the artist those who show their arts n paintings in these galleries. These galleries are expensive and hold works that are exclusively unique.
  • University art museums and galleries – these art galleries contain arts of different schools and universities created by the students and the teachers. These types of galleries are visited by the students mostly for dissertation and exhibitions.


These art galleries are the mirror of the society of the time and till date. Artist reveals their artistic qualities and creations in these art galleries. Their paintings and arts are brought into the limelight and provide them the platform in delivering their artistic skills. 2015-06-24 11-18-46

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