Four Cool Facts About Roofs

Roofs protect us more then we will ever know, they are the reason we stay warm and the reason we stay dry, they keep us safe from the wind and storms. They have so many benefits to us as human beings and it is important to keep them up to date and secure, to continue to keep us secure. Roofs have been around forever and normally people don’t think much about them, but they have such cool facts about them. It is important to remember what they do for us, so we can remember to always to keep them in the back of our minds. 

Roofs Have Been Around For Years

The original material used in making roofs, that archaeologists found, were clay, stone, and thatch. Some of these materials have been linked back 7,000 years ago and others go back even later, to about 12,000 years ago. 

They Have Perfected It Over The Years

As time as gone on, we have come to perfect the roofs that we know and love today, but back in the day, we that wasn’t the case. Roofs were made up of straw, attached to clay. It doesn’t sound like much, but provided great protection from the natural elements. It kept the rain from coming in, and in some places, helped keep the sun out. Roofs with clay and straw have been connected to the time of the Pharaohs, so they have been around for a very long time. 

Leaks and Gravity

In the new and modern roofs we see today in the everyday home, leaks can happen. They can happen to anyone, anytime and it is important to fix or report a leak as soon as you see one. I common misconception is that leaks are exactly where you see the damage on the roof, but in fact, because of gravity and because water falls downwards, a leak inside the house can be up to 6 meters away from where the actual damage is. So, it is important that you look higher up when looking for damage on a roof. 

Leaks Don’t Mean Everything Needs To Be Fixed

A leak can be anything from a one time fix, to re shingling. It doesn’t mean that the whole roof will need to be re-done! You won’t have to worry about a gutter replacement in Melbourne or even roof pressure cleaning services! Stress free!

There are so many cool things that can be said about roofs, but the one thing to remember, make sure to report anything that may look or feel like a leak. If caught early it can be an easy fix!

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