Update the basic elements of your house first to design your house in an expensive way

While thinking about designing your home, many of you must have thought or imagined of about some experts consultants demanding high fees. You must also have  at times imagined of costly furniture and other expensive items to make design houses. But, in fact, there are a number of basic elements that actually is needed to design a house. Often these basic elements are overlooked that are not at all expensive and are the best solution to design your house. Here some of such elements are discussed in details that can be an important part of your home designing.


Have you ever thought that how your expensive furniture would look in a house with shabby walls? It would definitely not look good. So, it is very important to set the background before stocking your house with designer elements and items. The most important thing thus for any house designing is Paint. You can experiment with colors and can plan before about where you will keep what item, according to which you can paint your walls. Also, you can take expert advice to know about which room should be colored which shade.

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Also, now there are options of various designer paints or creative painting ideas available in the market and also online. You can contact a good color brand to have various color options such as decorating your kid’s room roof with starry nights and others. The fresh looking colors on your wall can offer the best background for the items that you wish to arrange in your house.

Window coverings

Well, this may sound silly, but in exact terms, window covering can put a great impact on your house dressing, especially when you have large windows in different rooms. Windows on the walls are like its accessories and hence it is very important to decorate the proper accessory on the walls to make the house look good.

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Matching the color of the wall, you can complement the window coverings. Change the covering from time to time to give new looks to both the windows and the wall. Window coverings range from cheap prices to average and again to expensive. You can choose your type of coverings depending upon your budget.


After your walls, roofs and accessories are done, you should also take bit care of your flooring. Over the time, the flooring of your house also gets outdated and also at times loses color. So, before you install some expensive furniture and other accessories, it is important to update even your flooring.

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If you are thinking this to an expensive task of calling the experts for replacing the old tiles with the new ones, then there are other alternatives also. There laminate flooring available now in the market that can be installed by you itself. If you are not comfortable with this, then you can also use carpets and area rugs to cover your floors. The only thing is that if you are using carpets and rugs then you have to take care of the color combination with the walls and also have to change it from time to time.

So, if you are thinking of designing your house at a reasonable price, then the most effective way is first to take care of these basic elements.

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